We are very excited to be reopening our church for worship services, coming together in community.

The church will be thoroughly cleaned between services following the CDC guidelines. We are following the requirements and guidelines of our Diocese, the New York State Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control for cleaning, hygiene, social distancing, limiting the spread through surfaces, and worship procedures.

At this phase of reopening churches, for the safety of people who choose to attend a service in person, a number of changes are required.

Below we have outlined the basic items we would like you to know before coming to a service. There will be signage posted about the church to remind you. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer other questions you might have even after you have read through this. At the bottom of this page we have video to walk you through this will look.

General Safety:
Masks are required.
6 foot distancing is to be practiced at all times.
Please do not come if you have these symptoms: 
  a) not feeling well
  b) running a fever (100.4 or higher)
  c) dry coughing
Please do not come if you have been in contact with someone known to have the coronavirus (even if not showing symptoms), until they are well, or have completed self-quarantine.   

Preparing to Come to Church:
Bring your own mask. (If you do not have one or forget it, we will provide a disposable mask).
Bring your own prayer book.
If you plan to give a check to the church or use an envelope, prepare it before coming into the church.

What is Different in the Service:
a) Entrance to the church will be limited to the red front doors.
b) There is no bulletin. Prayer books, hymnals, and Bibles have been removed from the pews. The entire service will be projected with a letter size visible from the back pews. You are welcome to bring your own prayer book.
c) Everyone is requested to use hand sanitizer when entering the nave. It will be set out near the entrance.
d) The Offertory plates will not be passed. Please drop your offering into the plate as you go to your seats.
e) Just as there are arrows to direct traffic in the stores, there are arrows posted on the pew and end chairs to direct traffic as you enter, receive communion and exit.
f) Seating is every other row as shown by simple roping. Keep a 6 foot distance between yourself and others in a pew or row of chairs. Families may sit closer together.
g) We are now singing at the Saturday 4:30pm and Sunday 9:00am service - with our masks on. 
h) Please maintain social distancing when passing the peace (except for households).
i) Communion: Use the set out hand sanitizer before going forward to receive. Only communion hosts will be distributed to the congregation. The priest will be wearing a mask to distribute the hosts. After the priest places the host in your hand, please move to the side before putting the host in your mouth. Return to your seats using the outer aisles.
j) After the service ends, please exit following the arrows to the appropriate doors while maintaining the 6 feet distancing.

Other items:
The only open bathroom is the narthex bathroom.
Other areas of the church are closed before, during, and after services.
Please keep walkways into and out of the church clear for others to pass by. 
There is no coffee hour or socializing at this time.
See the Christian Formation web page for information concerning classes for all ages. There will  be a mixture of onsite and online classes this fall. 

Video to walk you through this will look:


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